Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, it has been a while since I've updated, though I see that Mike has been a bit more diligent than I have on updating this blog. July has been a crazy-busy month! We both are taking online classes, so when our computer just decided to begin its descent into the deep, we decided it was time to purchase a new computer! So I am now typing on our new computer, its great. The only picture I have of it has our new cat, Moose, laying in front of it -

It has a huge monitor and tons of great stuff on it, and we got a great deal so we're happy.

We went to Houston this weekend for my birthday (2 weeks early), and got to hang with all the cool people down there, including the Turners!

They are the best, and we love them so much. We had a hang-out at my parent's house, and my dad has a tiki-bar in the backyard where we party at, and its the rule that whoever comes over has to hang a dollar bill up with their name on it. So Julie, Randy, and Jessica all signed a dollar and Randy hung it up.

And of course, in case you forgot what we looked like, here we are at the Turners!

Now, the Turners love Mike and I, but they also love animals. They have over 100 turtles in their ponds, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and numerous other animals that I can't keep track of. But they have been trying to convince Mike and I to take a cat home with us since day 1, because they don't really have room for all of them. So, Mike and I agreed to take home Moose, a huge gray tabby cat that looks just like Camma, our kitty we already have. Here he is on the drive home (4 hours he spent in the car! He did great though.).

And here is Mike laying on him. He is the most lovey cat, and very easy going, which is a real change from Camma - who is high strung, high maintenance, and a snob! They don't like each other yet, but they are coming around at least. Moose loves to lay right in front of the computer, which makes it hard to see the monitor, but he is so cute I can't kick him off!
Aren't they cute? Mike is also in the middle of painting a portrait to match the one he painted of me, so next time I'll post pics of the finished painting!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Food, fun, fireworks, BASEBALL!

We hope everyone had a fantastic fourth!

How wonderful it is and how thankful we are for those men who sought to combat tyranny and oppression and declared once for us all that we shall be free!

In reverence and revelry Stacey and I went out with some good friends last night to the Rough Riders game in Frisco where the Riders left us feeling sorry for the other team. They creamed them and then whipped them into soft peaks, 9-1!

Following this the proverbial bombs bursting in air, (the happier event) fireworks! We had a great time, talk and laughter abode upon the light fluttering clamour of baseball, fireworks and friends!