Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glory Street House!

Ok, so this is the house we are buying! We are so excited! It is a 3/2/2 on .25 acre, and here are some of the pics we took while we were initially touring the house.
Its a corner lot, so its pretty big and has a HUGE backyard! See the fence?

Here is the living room when you walk in the front door....see the high ceiling and the big windows? (the people are Mike and our realtor, Pam)
This is a view from the other side, that is the front door and the breakfast room that Mike is in. The floors are not real wood, but they look like it!This is the breakfast room and part of the kitchen...I love the light fixture! We will be repainting the walls..... The fridge will go under that tall cabinet.
Mike has the pantry door open, and next to it is the utility closet, where the washer and dryer go. The kitchen cabinets are custom and absolutely beautiful!

This is the master bedroom, the door on the far left is the entrance and the middle door is the closet, and the last door is the bathroom.There is Mike being goofy..... :)
Our JACUZZI tub! with jets!!!
The master bathroom...
This is the ceiling in our bedroom! How cool is that???

Here is our closet (its bigger than it looks).

This is the garage, its very deep so we will have room for a workbench or whatever in front of our cars!
This is the back of the house from the backyard. The backyard is HUGE!!!! I will have plenty of room for a garden!!!!
Here is one of the other needs to be painted.
This is the other bedroom (also needs to be painted)
And this is the second bathroom.

So that is it! Our house on Glory Street! We are in the option period right now and will be getting an inspection on Friday, and we are supposed to close on March 24!!!!!! Less than a month away!!! It is so exciting!!! Pray that the whole house buying process is smooth for us, and that nothing comes up on the inspection, if you think about it. More updates on other stuff soon!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wow! So it has been almost three months since we have updated! A lot has gone on, and so I have lots of things to update and post pictures on, but the biggest news is that Mike and I are looking for a house! We have put a bid in on a house and are waiting to hear back on it, but we are still out looking at other houses in case we don't get this one. There aren't a lot out there in our price range that are fairly new, so we are trying to see all the houses we can. Its an exciting, albeit crazy, time in our lives. If you think about it, please pray that we get the house that God has for us, and that we would be patient as we go through the process.

I won't go into details on everything else that is new, but here are some other updates:
-I started a new job at Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center in Denton! Its so wonderful!
-I graduated from UNT in December with Bachelor's degree!
-Mike is applying for the Young Guns program at our church, a seminary-prep discipleship education program taught by our pastor, Tommy Nelson!
-Mike is graduating from Criswell in May, so he is getting excited about that!
-My good friend Julie got married in the beginning of February, and it was a beautiful wedding! I was the matron of honor, and it was so wonderful to be part of her day!

So, as you can see, we have been busy with lots of stuff, with Christmas thrown in the middle of all that, as well as both Mike and I being sick twice for the full month of January. I got a new camera for graduation (a Nikon D80 DSLR) so I have been experimenting with my photography, and so I will probably be posting some pictures that I am proud of on here. I will try to update with pictures in the next few days though!