Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The sorrow of my friends is my sorrow

I've been through a few really tough times in my life. I've just found out that one of my best friends is now going through something terribly similar.
I hate this feeling, like watching a car wreck knowing that
you can't do anything to help...
you can't do anything at all...
just watch like a documentary....
and hope, and pray that God would be most glorified...
and that he would do as he does...
and work a miracle...

Psalm 10.14
But you, O God, do see trouble and grief;
you consider it to take it in hand.
The victim commits himself to you;
you are the helper of the fatherless.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it already September? Seriously?

So I can't believe its already September!!! The year has flown by! We have already been married more than 4 months!!! How crazy is that? Life has been wonderful, though! Interning at the Pregnancy Resource Center has been the most amazing thing ever - God is using it to draw me to Him, and to teach me how to serve with joy and to love those who are society's "unlovable". What an incredible opportunity this internship has been! I pray I'll be able to serve there (or other centers) for the rest of my life! It is that powerful and wonderful!

I've promised a pic of Mike's portrait of himself, so here it is! The finished product!

It turned out very well. I also actually got a picture of our cat, Camma - who HATES having her picture taken. She runs away every time she sees my camera or my phone poised towards her. But I was able to get a couple good shots of her today! She is so precious!

I did a Practicum Fair today for students trying to find an internship, and so I had to make a board with info on the PRC and what I do there to share with all the students who came to the practicum fair. Here is a picture of my table (its fuzzy because I didn't have my camera, I had to take this with my phone). I think a couple people were interested in finding out more about interning there, so that is cool!

I used to nanny two little girls named Natali and Isabel a couple years ago, and they were the flower girls in our wedding. Natali's 6th birthday was this weekend, so I went to her birthday party! It was so wonderful to see the girls - I love them so much, and I don't get to see them very often! Here is Natali decorating her cupcake!

Isn't she just adorable????
That is Isabel, (who is 8) stuffing her face with the cupcake - we were joking that I should show this pic to her future boyfriends!!

Nat is about to hit the pinata!

Here are both of the girls after swimming - they have beautiful smiles, but its so funny how they put on these weird "fake" smiles when asked to smile for a pic!

So those are my beautiful girls.

Mike is crazy-busy with school, he comes home and reads textbooks every single night! It sucks, but his GPA certainly shows all his hard work! He couldn't come to Natali's birthday party because he had so much studying to do - but soon he will be done! Or at least, it will be less studying soon.

Time to make some dinner - and maybe get some scrapbooking done!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If you want to live a long and happy life...

Hilarious! Check this out....


It is just a hoot!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beginning of September!

So it has been an eventful month! And it's not even half over! First, and most exciting for me, Mike and I went to the Robbie Seay/Alli Rogers concert at FBC The Heights! Alli Rogers is my absolute favorite singer ever (she even tops Ella Fitzgerald - which, if you know me, you know that is HUGE), so I was over the moon to get to see her in concert again. We even got to talk with her for a few minutes, where she told us she was pregnant! That was pretty cool, to find out before she announced it on the web. Here is a pic of us with her!

Here is the Robbie Seay Band...

And here is Alli playing - she was amazing! It sucked that she was only able to sing two songs, but she did beautifully!

Another thing that happened (that wasn't happy at all!) is we had to return Moose to his previous owners, the Turners. It was so very sad! I cried when they left.

The Turners drove all the way to Dallas from the Woodlands to stay with us one night and to bring Moose home with them - it was wonderful to get to hang out with them, but sad to see them leave with our kitty. He enjoyed walking all over their air mattress as they blew it up...
There they are, watching Moose play. He is such a hoot!

Before they left, Moose climbed in his temporary litter box (before we put the litter in) and got nice and cozy! Isn't he just adorable???!!! He is the sweetest thing ever!

Although it was sad to have him leave us, the Turners report he is happy in his old home again, and the other cats (they have 4 other cats!) welcomed him back, so that is good news. And our cat, Camma, is back to her old self...which means she is snobby and high-maintenance, but at least she is loving us somewhat. She crawls on me when I get in bed at night and lets me love on her, so that is sweet at least.

I have been working at the Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center for my internship for three weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is such a blessing, and an amazing ministry. I couldn't be in a better place, and God is really using this time to teach me some important things, I'm not sure how to expand on them yet, but trust me - growing is part of the process of serving there!

Mike and I also have been going to the Blues Jam on Sunday nights at the Prairie House Restaurant in Cross Roads. It is a live band that lets you sign up to play blues with them, and it is a lot of fun.
This is the whole band - Mike is playing the drums in the back.

That's the most "up-close" pic I have - he looks great though! He did wonderfully too! (I am so in love with this man!) Its fun for him to have opportunities to play with a band, because at home its just CDs he has.

Lastly, please keep my family and friends in your prayers if you read this before or during Hurricane Ike - all my family are scattered in North Houston, and they are prepared to ride out the storm, so hopefully it will have lost some of its strength by the time it really hits them. They are just experiencing wind right now. Please especially pray for my grandma's house - she lives 5 minutes from the Galveston Bay (only like 3 or 4 blocks!), and her house could very well be flooded or destroyed by the storm surge/flooding/wind. Thankfully she evacuated to my mom's house, but still, please pray for her house to still be standing and not destroyed after Ike.

We love you all!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I loved this!!


Newt Gingrich makes some really good comments. A lot of this is sounds just like the same political positivism that saturates the televised portions of politics but the last fifteen seconds are perfect.
The Reporter by the way is asking Newt about the Democrat, former VP candidate when Gore was running, Lieberman.