Friday, July 24, 2009

I found this on one of my favorite sites, I thought it was so funny that I would post it 'ere. This is an actual add by the way, the bottom pic is an enlargement.

Want a fun excursion for the weekend?
okay. Here's a great idea. Go underwater, surrounded by fish. Wear headgear that is tight and enclosed... and have your cat share the splendor with you.
memos: Cats hate closed spaces. They hate water. They have claws. Faces bleed.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stacey and I went to my parents this weekend which means at least one thing.... STEAK.

I think my parents eat more steak than any other family I know. They recently bought fifty steaks at one shot for the back freezer.... FIFTY!!! Rib-eyes, New York Strips, T-bones you name it and it's sitting in the freezer. Any way, we went over to see them and of course we're cooking (usually over-cooking) the steaks on grill in the back. Stacey is floating in the pool with my mom, my dad is sitting on a chair next to me. The sun is beating down on us but not in an uncomfortable way. It really was a great afternoon until....

I walk over to the grill, planning on turning my steak after the prescribed four minutes or so (for meduim) when I see from the bottom edge of the grill the evil flames. I'm thinking, "boy there must be a flare up." Upon opening the grill I find no flare up, no, I find every steak engulfed in the mockingly joyful dance of orange flames. The steaks were more than flame kissed. If that was a kiss it was a shockingly big, wet and sloppy one. The steaks were toast, but only on one side. Dad braves the flames to turn the meat if only to slightly toast the other side after the flames had died down. Nothing however saved them. They were black and chared and grilled so far past medium so that I thought they had been substituted for shoe leather... :( Stacey and I ate our steaks while listening to my uncle, "Y'know for the char these arn't to bad..." Oh well, que sira.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I really detest television. I am happy to report that collectively I have watched maybe two or three hours of television in the last year or so. Typically Stacey and I will watch a movie, read, or play a game to enjoy the time (not just pass it).

Nearly equal in my frustration are video games....

I just don't get the level of dedication that teens afford these things now. World of Warcraft for example, you pay for the disks then you pay every month for a subscription to the online site, not just to play with other people but to play past the first couple of levels period! This bizarre addiction is turning the minds of our youth to mush.

To prove my point, I offer the following...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daisy, Eggs, and Lightning

Here are some pictures of recent haps around the Duncan hood...

Daisy following Camma, the cat. Camma photos are a rare treat, so enjoy them!
For Easter, Mike and I dyed eggs for the first time! Yay! Here are some of the fun pics...

Hmm...we had a storm one night, and before the storm hit us, I was able to practice my lightning shots from our back patio door! This was my first time taking lightning pics, so I was pretty proud! The last one is the best.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daisy playing with Mike

Mike and I decided to make a video for for our parents (and anyone else) to be able to see our puppy, Daisy, since they live down in Houston. So here is a video I took of Mike playing with our puppy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ben on the Ancient Crapper in Israel

I have to look through thousands of pictures for Ancient World, one of Dr. Spencer's classes. In class he doesn't use notes, he simply shows slide shows and explains from the pictures. I'm taking it as an independent study, so I don't actually go to class, so I have to look through all the pictures and write a journal of them. Apparently my good friend, Ben, has become a star in Ancient World due to his expressive use of the Ancient Crapper.

Just for Ben Welcome to the Blog world

As a welcome, I thought I would concede Superman as the greatest superhero of all time.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Woman to Woman Walk for Life

I am walking on May 2nd to support Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center in Denton, TX. The Walk for Life - Leaving a Legacy of Life is a fundraiser to support the many ministries of Woman to Woman, which include:

  • Woman to Woman pregnancy testing clinic
  • Twice as Nice Resale shop
  • Living Choices abstinence program
  • Abortion Recovery group
  • Abuse Recovery group
  • and the many services that each of these ministries provide.
Please prayerfully consider supporting me as I walk by giving at Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. If you would like to mail a check or cash instead, please make checks payable to Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource and mail it to:

PO Box 610
Denton, TX 76202

Your gift is tax deductible, and when you send your donation, please include your name, address, and zip code.

Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center provides pregnancy tests, childbirth classes, peer counseling, STD testing referrals, and many other services free of charge. I am the receptionist at the clinic, and it is such a blessing to serve the women of Denton and the surrounding areas. Please consider supporting me as I walk to leave a "Legacy of Life"!

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Stacey Duncan

Monday, April 6, 2009


So, we are in our new house! yay!!! and i will soon post pics of it (once things are unpacked and in their place...) but the biggest news is we got a new dog yesterday! She is an 11 month old boxer girl named Daisy. So beautiful and so precious!!! She moves so fast and is very hyper right now (apparently she will calm down once she gets used to us and living here), so the pics I got of her are while she was in motion...

Isn't she beautiful! She has a little white on her tummy, and she is very very strong! Her muscles are so defined. She is so lovey and was literally loving on us within seconds of meeting us. So we are very excited to have this new addition to our family!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House Pictures!

Well, I visited our house today because I had to go get the water ready to be turned on, so I took some better pics of the house using my good camera! I got some different angles, and pics of the backyard, so I hope you enjoy!

This first one is walking into the house, from the entry way looking into the living room.
This is a side view of the living room, standing near the kitchen area. The door on the right is the master bedroom, the door on the left is the coat closet.

This is standing by the windows in the living room, looking back at the front door and the kitchen area. You can see the breakfast room and the big blue area is where the fridge will go (when we buy one!!)
This is the breakfast area and the kitchen.
Here is another view of the kitchen. The double doors are the utility room, and the single door is the pantry.
This is yet another view of the living room! You can see from left to right the front door, the garage door, and the utility room door. The big wall is where we will put our couch, I think.
This is the master bedroom. I love the conferred ceilings! I hate the paint color. Its like peachy...and you can see the people who lived here before had their bed up against that wall and it needs to be repainted. Immediately.
Another view of the master bedroom. Closet on left, bath on right.
Here is the master bathroom.It looks yellow because of the light, but the walls are the same ugly color as the bedroom. blah!Ok here are some backyard pics. It sits on a quarter acre, so the backyard is gigantic! I'll try to explain the angles...

This is the middle of the backyard. I am in the middle. There is still a whole other side of the backyard behind me! The random poles have a wire fence attached to them (for a dog or something...)

This is me standing at the fence on the west side of the house. That is the whole backyard (minus the side on the east side of the house, which you will see in a minute). You can see the fence door next to the house.
This is the whole east side of the house from the gate door (seen above). so the backyard makes a "L" shape around the house, with a wire gate cutting it in half.
This is the back of the house with me standing against the fence in the very back.
Huge backyard, right?!!!?? Ok, back inside. This is the guest bathroom.
Blue bedroom. without closet doors. and with a cable hookup in the closet. Weird? Yes. Notice the dark blue floorboards...
And the UT Longhorn room! With a poor paint job. But hey, its got doors! Only one wall is burnt orange, too...
And here is the garage...See the extra space on the right? That is a perfect space for a workbench or something! Sorry its so dark, I didn't check the light meter when I took the pic.
So that is our house! Lots of different (better) pics, so now you have a better idea of the wonderful house we are buying! We close in 6 days! And then....the moving process. fun. Hey, if you want to help, we'd sure appreciate it!

Lots of love...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Countdown!

So, we are nine days from closing on our house!!! YAY!!!! We are so excited - there is so much going on in our lives, but this is so cool! We haven't even been married a year and we are buying a house!!!

We started packing up this week, so everything is looking bare. We have gotten the bedroom, the living room, and the dining room mostly packed. Here are some pics of how empty everything looks and how many boxes we already have packed up!

Our study/dining area

The living room...where all the boxes are going. Its a tower of boxes that is taller than me!

How insane is that?
And we still have the kitchen, bathroom, two closets and the porch. I have the whole week off for spring break, so I will be spending it packing and cleaning - yay!

The other big news that is going on is that I have been working on starting my own photography business, part-time. I have a website up,, and have been getting all the necessary details going, and am currently trying to expand my portfolio! Please be sure to check out my website and look at my photo albums! Its so very exciting!

Mike has some VERY big news that we are over-the-moon about! He has been accepted into the Young Guns program at Denton Bible Chuch (our church), which is a discipleship/pre-seminary program taught by Tommy Nelson (our pastor) and two of the other pastors in the church! Its VERY competitive and is highly regarded by most conservative churches/seminaries, so it is very exciting news that he will start the program in September! He will be in the program for a full year before he applies for seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS from here on out).

I am not sure when I will be applying for grad school at UNT, but hopefully in the next couple semesters. My job at the pregnancy center has been going remarkably well, I absolutely love it and every single person I work with, and have been growing tremendously by working there! (a side note - in our new house, I will only be 15 minutes away from work, instead of the 35 mins I am now! yay!)

I will put up lots of the pics of the new house once we get closed and get keys! Please pray things go smoothly and that we have lots of help moving!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glory Street House!

Ok, so this is the house we are buying! We are so excited! It is a 3/2/2 on .25 acre, and here are some of the pics we took while we were initially touring the house.
Its a corner lot, so its pretty big and has a HUGE backyard! See the fence?

Here is the living room when you walk in the front door....see the high ceiling and the big windows? (the people are Mike and our realtor, Pam)
This is a view from the other side, that is the front door and the breakfast room that Mike is in. The floors are not real wood, but they look like it!This is the breakfast room and part of the kitchen...I love the light fixture! We will be repainting the walls..... The fridge will go under that tall cabinet.
Mike has the pantry door open, and next to it is the utility closet, where the washer and dryer go. The kitchen cabinets are custom and absolutely beautiful!

This is the master bedroom, the door on the far left is the entrance and the middle door is the closet, and the last door is the bathroom.There is Mike being goofy..... :)
Our JACUZZI tub! with jets!!!
The master bathroom...
This is the ceiling in our bedroom! How cool is that???

Here is our closet (its bigger than it looks).

This is the garage, its very deep so we will have room for a workbench or whatever in front of our cars!
This is the back of the house from the backyard. The backyard is HUGE!!!! I will have plenty of room for a garden!!!!
Here is one of the other needs to be painted.
This is the other bedroom (also needs to be painted)
And this is the second bathroom.

So that is it! Our house on Glory Street! We are in the option period right now and will be getting an inspection on Friday, and we are supposed to close on March 24!!!!!! Less than a month away!!! It is so exciting!!! Pray that the whole house buying process is smooth for us, and that nothing comes up on the inspection, if you think about it. More updates on other stuff soon!!!!